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Our Guarantee, or "Why you should get a Himizu Glass Arts sink"

We want you to absolutely love your new sink and tiles. Because each piece is custom crafted to your specifications and is designed to last a lifetime (several, actually, with proper care!), each item is meticulously crafted and inspected during every step of its creation for proper construction, firing, and annealing before final delivery. Depending on the complexity, a sink generally takes 1 - 4 weeks to be designed, created, and delivered. Tile delivery times depend on complexity and size of the order. We work with you through every step from design to completion so that you are informed about exactly where in the process your work is. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, simply contact us and we will make every effort to make things right.

Technical info:
Shape: Whether shallow or deep, every sink we make is fired in our custom sink molds that impart a curve all the way down to the bottom to ensure proper drainage, unlike sinks formed in stainless steel salad bowls (yes, it's more common than you'd think).
Durability: Our sinks range in thickness from 3/8ths of an inch (~9.5 mm) to a full inch (~2.5 cm) for our cast sinks. With proper care and common sense (e.g., don't use a hammer to install it), your sink will last for many generations. The sinks are, however, glass, and will break if not treated properly. You will get a full care sheet for your sink upon purchase, but generally, they should be as durable as their porcelain brethren.

Himizu Glass Arts, LLC provides a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for our artwork. Details are provided as part of the purchase agreement.