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Glass Sinks

Please note that these are simply representational samples of some of the work we can do. Our sinks are all custom made to your specifications so that each one is a unique work of art that you'll use every day. Click here to order!

Splash Series: Iridized Sinks, Plates, and Bowls
I was fascinated with the color shifts that occurred in iridized and dichroic glass depending on whether the light was reflected or transmitted. Combinations of transparent, opaque, and translucent glass create literal and figurative windows into personal transcendence. The disorientation created when strong light reflects off the iridized surface of a transparent color only to cast a differently colored shadow beneath it creates for the observer an experience in which their own imagination is given birth. There is a moment of awareness and delight - the viewer, too, can create dreams; imagining something to be different from what it is or should be. The shallow curve and natural edges evoke images of a drop in a pool, frozen in time.

Geometric Series: These simple yet elegant designs are based on the Golden Ratio, found throughout nature. More pictures coming soon.